Plumbers in Westport Connecticut— David Sousa Plumbing and Heating

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An overnight freeze or extreme heat can cause problems with plumbing and heating in your home or business. When a pipe bursts or sinks back up it is reassuring to have the number of a trusted and experienced plumber on hand. Westport, Connecticut home and business owners that hire David Sousa Plumbing and Heating can take unexpected repairs, new construction, and remodeling projects in stride. We have the licensing and expertise to handle a variety of plumbing and heating issues.

Unlimited Plumbing Contractor’s License

Save your time and money by hiring the right contractor the first time. Plumbers with limited licensing are only able to tackle specific plumbing projects. Costs increase with the use of each separate contractor. David Sousa Plumbing and Heating has an Unlimited Plumbing Contractor’s Licenses so that we are able to provide work on an unlimited scope of projects.

Experience in Construction and Remodeling of Plumbing and Heating

Using topnotch materials we are able to begin plumbing projects in both new construction and remodeling. We are able to provide services for systems including roof drains, specialty piping, backflow preventers, and much, much more. In working on new and existing plumbing, the use of quality products are key to the life and performance of your plumbing. We use materials and products such as copper, PVC, Stadler Fosta Pex, and other trusted materials.

Experience in Maintenance and Repairs of Plumbing and Heating

Just like a vehicle, your home and business plumbing often needs to be serviced or repaired. Avoid costly and unexpected repairs with ongoing maintenance of your home or business plumbing and heating. When maintenance or repairs are needed David Sousa Plumbing and Heating has experienced plumbers serving Westport, Connecticut. Products purchased for your home and business are from trusted plumbing manufacturers including Kohler, Moen, Grohe, Sloan, and Rheem Water Heaters.

Our plumbing contractors serve all of Connecticut, including Westport, with their expertise and Unlimited Plumbing Contractor Licenses. We can help at any juncture of your plumbing and heating needs.

Call David Sousa Plumbing and Heating at 203-778-5890, your plumbers in Westport, Connecticut and tell us about your new construction or remodeling projects in your home or business, the maintenance of existing plumbing and heating, or if you need any unexpected repairs.