Workplace Safety Is One of Our Greatest Priorities

In a proactive approach to prevent workplace injuries and fatalities within the construction industry, the American Society of Safety Engineers has joined forces with the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health to develop a new fall prevention initiative.  It focuses on providing prevention information and training materials on three major types of falls, namely from ladders, roofs, and scaffolds.

Our Company Takes Workplace Safety Very Seriously

All employees are covered under Worker’s Compensation, we are fully insured and licensed meeting and exceeding all state code requirements, and all employees minimally go through OSHA 10 training.  Ten hours are devoted to specific and focused instruction from an OSHA certified instructor on how to work safely, ensure the safety of others on a worksite, and predict hazards before they occur.  Recognizing the need for ongoing instruction and reinforcement, safety meetings and toolbox talks are had periodically. Workplace injuries can often be prevented and are a serious cause of liability and job completion delays.

Detailed information about OSHA’s fall prevention initiatives can be found on their website:

Further information on workplace injury prevention from industry, academic, and non-profit specialists in the field can be found on the Center for Construction Research and Training’s


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